Must have Salwar Suit Styles for Summer

Summer is one of those seasons when we love to keep our dressing sense minimalistic. It's a real challenge to find a perfect dress that keeps you stylish even in the blazing heat and humidity.

Though western attires are bringing a fashion revolution, Indian dresses like salwar suits still hold a particular spot in every woman's heart. 

The charm of this quintessential ethnic wear will never fade away for its sense of comfort and styling. Indeed, a wearable outfit that you can choose any day over its other Indian counterparts like lehengas, sarees, churidars, etc. 

Interestingly, summer salwar suit collections are splashing an array of shades and prints in the humdrum routine life of females.

This three-piece ensemble features a kurta or kameez, the long tunic top, a salwar, the bottom pant, and a dupatta, which can be draped in multiple ways. This staple India wear is widely preferable irrespective of age, body type, occasion, and mood. 

Even you can shop for unstitched suit material to customise it with designer necklines, backlines, gottas, pompoms, etc. So, let's have a glance into some of the summer salwar suit varieties that will keep your fashion scores reasonably high. 

Collections for Summer Salwar Suits

1. Kota Doria Suits

In the Kota region of Rajasthan, you will discover a traditional fabric known as Kota Doriya made from lightweight cotton material. It comprises the tiny woven weaves that feature a square-like pattern known as khats. 

The fabrics are pretty unique for their exquisite tiny weaves and feathery weight that are ideal for summer. 

Kota Doriya revolves back to Rao Kishore Singh, who asked the weavers from Mysore, Karnataka, to weave this graph like material for turbans. 

Today, this traditional dress material has evolved on a completely different level. The Kota Doriya are now made on power looms, with hand block prints and embroideries to give an exciting rendition to the final piece. 

Kota Doria suit set

This chequered weave is trendy among women for its airy sarees. Now, this fabric is also available in Kota Doriya in summer salwar suit designs.

Kota doria suit

The breathable material with the peppy block prints is perfect for your fashion closet, making it comfortable for summer wear. 

2. Batik Suits

The art lover community has always cherished traditional creations like Batik. The craft that the Khatri community of Gujarat once started is now taught at the University of Shantiniketan, West Bengal. Interestingly, it has even crossed the sea barriers to be applauded in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. 

What creates visual magic in the fabric is the three-step process of waxing, dyeing, and scraping.

The final result you see is the pieced cloth of getting the unconventionally placed beautiful designs. If you are looking to glow this summer, you cannot simply miss having this craft on your salwar suit material. 

Batik print suits

Typically, the batik motifs are painted in white in vibrant shades of clothing like red, mustard, blue, grey, pink, green, etc. To add a contrasting appeal, you can even spot some motifs in other colours. 

Primarily, the combination works wonders when it gets displayed in the cotton fabric. However, sheer, lightweight materials like chanderi are also giving stiff competition to the age-old pairing. 

3. Maheswari Silk Suits

Maheswari silks is another emerging fabric that is getting well-liked for its comfortable quality and features.

Most of you may presume it to be a silk fabric which it was in the earlier days. But now, it's an amalgamation between silk and cotton material with highlights of varied zari or brocade designs. 

Maheshwari silk suits

With a peek back in history, we can know the story behind the origin of the famous Maheswari silk sarees. In the 5th century, Maheswar in Madhya Pradesh was an ancient town developed in Narmada’s banks and the capital of Malwa.

The great queen Ahilya Bai Holkar and a team of designers from Malwa and Surat designed a special nine-yard saree, which you can gift to relatives. 

Maheshwari silk suits

Presently, this gem of textile is one the best sellers among Indian and abroad clients.

Following the fantastic creation, weavers are also customising it for dress materials of salwar kameez and dupatta. Indeed, Maheswari silks can be a well-thought purchase to add to your summer styling. 

4. Chanderi Silk Suits    

Glamourising your summer look without adding unwanted heavy zari works, crafts, and embroideries are possible with the ethnic Chanderi fabric. It will give you a sophisticated appeal with its sheer texture, lightweight, and elegant feel.

Chanderi silk suits

Chanderi silk suits

Apart from the nine-yard drapes, you can obtain them as unstitched salwar suits for an understated ethnic look.

You can select from the strikingly impressive motifs available in the colour palette from pastel to vibrant hues. This impeccable choice is a must-have item in your wardrobe meant for the Indian summers. 

5. Festive Gota Suits

Most of us ditch gota and zardosi work as we typecast them with unnatural synthetic fabric. It's something harsh for regular and comfortable wear.

However, not anymore when you can get these intricate gota works flaunted exquisitely on the breathable fabrics like cotton, Kota Doria, chanderi, and others. 

Gotaa Patti Suits

These gota and zari works are ideally run through the adjacent edges of the dupatta. On the kameez itself, the work is highlighted mainly on the neckline and front portion.

Without the much hoo-ha in the designs, these subtle designs are best for a summer occasion or party. 

Salwar Suits Collections are Evergreen!

Maybe salwar suits have emerged in the Punjab region, but today it's celebrated in almost every state of India. You never really know when this three-piece item becomes a charm with minimum effort. 

Without any reason or season, salwar suits will remain an evergreen dress etched in our fashion senses. So, shop around our website