Renowned Indian Print Styles you Should Embrace to Enhance your Wardrobe

No wonder Indian heritage is a culture of being gracious and giving value to others. India anchors a wide range of fabric art and print styles.

Indian print styles are applauded all over the world and celebrated within the nation. Different regions possess different textures and different print styles, which are easily recognizable when worn. 

When it comes to Indian wear, there’s a beautiful life-long commitment with the essence of prints, vibrant colors, and a touch of Indian heritage. 

There is no denying that fashion trends shift every single day, but the Indian print style is a beacon ray towards enhancing your personality, and it is truly unbeatable.

Indian fashion trend implies that clothing, attire is the expression to manifest your feelings. It has the power to illuminate, inspire and provide that inspirational language to a woman's wardrobe. 

There is no doubt that Indian fashion can make anyone flare. Let’s deep dive to get some more clarification for why you should go for these prints. 

Here is the answer. When it comes to looking classy and polished, women love to play with a variety of designs, styles, and fabrics. Especially when they have so many attractive prints which clearly depict the beauty of our culture.

The glamour of these gorgeous Indian prints spans across clothing styles and types as well as fashion trends. So, discover the Indian print style every woman should have in their wardrobe. 

With the first occurrence of Block print in India going back to the Indus Valley civilization, India is the host to an impressive arrangement of fabric print art forms, each with its unique story of origin. Indian block print is an old age printing technique, which uses wooden blocks and dye colors to print the fabric.

Whether it is the Ajrakh print of Gujarat, which carries the geometrical patterns, the famous Dabu print of Rajasthan, which uses the mud printing technique, or each block print is a sign of the country's vast legacy and rich culture. 

So, without stretching the introduction much, let’s have an idea about the Block print and fabric dyeing techniques in detail and know the Indian print style every woman should have in their wardrobe. 

Indian Print Styles:

1. Ajrakh Print:

Ajrakh print is the type of block printing. It has roots in the Sindh region of Pakistan and Gujrat, Rajasthan in India. Natural dyes and the color indigo blue, red are the heart of Ajrakh print.

The symmetrical geometric pattern with a black or white outline defines the design clearly. Ajrakh print is found in red, blue, indigo, and yellow color and used in stoles, kurtas, and dupattas.

Ajrakh print suit

2. Batik Print:

Batik print originated in Indonesia and then spread to various parts of India like Chennai, Kolkata, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, etc.

Batik print suits

It follows the tie and dye method including, earthy and bright colors. In the Batik prints technique, molten wax is used to print the fabric. 

Batik print suits

3. Bagru print:

It is a traditional fabric printing technique popular in remote places of Rajasthan. It uses all light shade background print with dark shades of wooden blocks. All-natural colors are used in Bagru print. 

Bagru print suits

4. Bagh Print:

Bagh is a type of block printing technique by hand. In Bagh print, naturally sourced dyes and pigments are used to create an impression of the pattern. The floral or geometric patterns are made with black, white, and red colors.

The Taj Mahal, flowers, and mushroom patterns are used in this print, and the process of creating the impression can be successfully done on a variety of fabrics, including cotton, silk, and chiffon. 

5. Dabu Print:

This traditional style print originated in a pocket of Rajasthan. The mud-resist hand block printing technique is used to create the design pattern.

The muddy mixture of gum, beaten wheat chaff is used to block the print and form the impression. Dabu print takes place on earthy shades, indigo or blue. The shape of trees, flowers is a popular design pattern.

Dabu print suits

6. Leheriya Print:

Leheriya print contains a wavy pattern and follows the tie and dye technique. Leheriya pattern is popular in Rajasthan.

Resist-dyeing, artisans create flickering striped patterns on bright color fabric. This pattern is found in beautiful dupattas, stoles, and sarees. 

Leheriya print suits

The Indian print and fabric art can mold a single ordinary fabric in many different new styles. Indian prints are suitable for any occasion or event. Therefore, Indian textile print is ruling the fashion industries across the world. 

⮚ Reasons behind the popularity of Indian Print Styles: 

o . Indian print style can be done on almost all types of fabrics. These prints make the outfit desirable and enhance your personality. 

o Indian prints are a timeless way to uplift your style quotient. No matter which age 

the group you belong to, these gorgeous prints will do justice to your fashion and wardrobe. 

o When it comes to formal wear, cotton fabric and block print make a perfect combination. So, if you are an office-going person, these prints can enhance your look. 

o When it comes to prints like leheriya, bandhani, they give a colorful and rich look at Indian weddings or any traditional function. 

o If you are fond of Indian apparel and don't want to limit yourself to one type of outfit, then Indian print styles are the best choice for you. You can get these prints in all kinds of Indian outfits like salwar suits, sarees, or lehenga.

Indian Print Style is not just part of Indian fashion culture, but it is the heart of Indian fashion culture. 

The traditional Indian fabric prints have no boundaries. It can be worn in any session, can go with any occasion or event. These Indian print styles are not limited to only women’s apparel, but we can see the glimpse of these prints in men’s wear and children’s clothing too.

Indian fashion implies being in tune with time and appreciates the tradition. It tells the story of a new-age Indian woman who is free-spirited, independent, inspirational, confident, and stylish. 

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