Delve into the Magic of Kota Doria

Rajasthan, the desert state of India with one of the most culturally rich and beautifully preserved history is known for its craft in every possible niche. Be it jewelry, food, textiles, or folk culture, everything about Rajasthan symbolizes honoring the rich legacy of its ancestors.

One such textile legacy, Kota Doria weave is a priced artform native to communities in and around Kota. Nowadays, Kota Doria sarees, cotton suits with Kota Doria dupatta, and Kota doria salwar suits have become the foremost choice of the modern Indian woman. 

However, did you know that it is believed to have originated in the area in the 17th century after the migration of its weavers from Mysore, known as Masuria weavers, Kota Doria was popular as Masuria Muslin in the earlier times?

It was a true symbol of royalty and the men of royal families used to wear Kota Doria turbans for special occasions like weddings while the royal women adorned Kota Doria sarees weaved with real zari in its signature mesh.


Beauty of Kota Doria


The specialty of Kota Doria

What makes Kota Doria so special and famous? Well, here’s everything you need to know about the ethereal weave of the fabric.

Doria means ‘thread’ and hence, the fabric is made from weaving cotton and silk yarns. It can be also made only from cotton but Kota Doria cotton silk is amongst the most popular varieties.

Generally, every square of the checkered fabric has 14 yarns, 8 of cotton and 6 of silk, enabling the durability from the cotton and the lustre and slight sheer from the silk. 

The weaved fine zari border adds that extra punch to the overall fabric, making it absolutely charming and exquisite. In fact, lately, another Rajasthan-native textile craft, block printing has been fused with Kota Doria, making it all the more unique.

Block printed Kota Doria salwar suits and dupattas are top trends in ethnic wear amongst women from around the country and aptly so! 

The process of creating this beautiful weave

Earlier, throw-shuttle pit looms were used to make Kota Doria fabrics and with advancements, frame looms and jacquard looms have become more popular. It is a highly labour-intensive and time-consuming process, making it truly an art. 

Generally, the entire family of weavers are involved in the process of wrapping and dyeing of the fabric. It is then traditionally woven on ‘Khat’ where cotton and silk yarns are put together in varied densities in warp and weft directions to create small square checkered patterns that is symbolic to Kota Doria.

Zari (fine metallic wires) is also used in the weave in border and some pattens using weft designing techniques

How to style Kota Doria

Apart from the opulent Kota Doria sarees that are more apt for formal occasions, you can really weave in the Kota Doria love in your every day style with our Kota doria cotton suits online range.

Let’s take a look:

Koa Doria Suit material

Perfect for spring, summer, and everything in between the light weight fabric will become a wardrobe staple. This pastel pista green block printed unstitched Kota Doria suit is perfect for long days at work or a quick meet-up with friends.

The Kota Doria Kurta piece and dupatta is complemented with pure cotton pants fabric that you can style the way you want. 

Kota Doria Suit set

This is yet another beautiful unstitched Kota Doria suit set from our collection. Featuring beautiful motifs and intricate pattern detailing, the white suit set with a hint of golden will give you a pristine look while keeping you cool and breezy, making it ideal for summers.

Gota patti kota doria suit

However, if you are looking for something more festive, this Gotawork suit with a classic Mughal motif is just the thing you need to make a statement. The blockprinted Kota Doria dupatta just adds to the overall vibrance and look of this classy unstitched set. 

Kota doria dupatta suit

Another stellar piece from our festive collection, the Kota Doria dupatta with butis all over and an intricately block print pattern at the edges just accentuate the premium look of this blue gotawork suit set. 

The real beauty of our collection lies in the fact that they are unstitched, allowing you to try out different styles, cuts, and fits as per your taste and preference. You can check out our entire collection of Kota Doria salwar suits online.

Taking care of your Kota Doria fabrics

Lightweight, airy, and slight sheer, Kota Doria is a fairly durable fabric that is easy-to-care and maintain. It is always advisable to read the fabric care instructions on every Kota Doria saree, suit, or dupatta.

Generally, for its wash care, gentle hand wash using mild liquid detergent is recommended for Kota Doria. However, for the first few times, dryclean would be a better option to maintain the lustre of the fabric for longer.

Wrapping Up

Kota Doria is amongst the most underrated fabrics that is slowly owning its glory, thanks to the communities that have been preserving this wonderful textile craft for generations. 

Embrace the beauty of this exquisite fabric and we assure you that it will become a wardrobe essential that you would want to wear again and again. You can explore and shop our collection Kota Doria suits and gotawork cotton suits with Kota Dora dupatta online on our website, here.