How to Style Your Organza Multiple Ways

Organza, the dreamy slight-sheer feather-weight fabric is making a comeback and how! From Bollywood celebrities to the modern Indian brides, everyone seems to be gushing over the muted and pastel organza dupatta suits, sarees and lehengas.

The delicate vintage charm, the feminine grace of the drape, and the quaint sheerness make organza the perfect choice for spring soirees, gala dinners, formal lunches and so much more. 

However, not to forget about the versatility of the fabric, organza can be easily styled to suit your everyday chic styling needs too. 

Hence, we have encompassed for you the ultimate organza styling list that will get you sorted for all things casual and fancy. Let’s get started!


All about Organza fabric-

1. Celeb-approved Organza Sarees

Organza sarees are making headlines for quite some time now and we are not complaining. Be it Kareen Kapoor Khan, Priyanka Chopra, or the heartthrob Deepika Padukone, they are slaying the organza saree game like a total boss. 

Organza drapes in muted tones and floral prints are clear favorites and make perfect occasion wear for women. 

2. All-purpose Organza Salwar Suits

Looking to include Organza in your everyday formal and casual wear? Well, we have that sorted for you!

You can really play with Organza for your daily needs to amp up your overall style. Here’s how:

The staple Organza dupatta suits for all-day comfort: The best way to accentuate your everyday look with Organza is to go for cotton suits with organza dupattas. Cottons are perfect all-day wear fabric and just adding the organza dupatta can totally elevate the entire style.

Take this classic Mughal motif suit in yellow. The white cotton kurta featuring yellow floral buta and Aztec block print pant material is complemented with a floral organza dupatta.

It can be your perfect pick for a lunch with friends, a meeting with your colleagues or any other day events. 

Organza suit

On the other hand, this unstitched green and pink cotton suit set with organza dupatta can be designed stylishly to don for your formal dinners, family get-togethers and more. 

Pink organza suit

Notch up your everyday style with unique fits and silhouettes: Organza is super versatile and easy to work with fabric and hence, you can really amp up your Organza style game. Ditch the regular designs and experiment with the fits and the silhouette styles. 

You can go for asymmetrical hems or over-the-top organza sleeves for that extra drama. Layered organza hem can give your suit a princess look 

Add sass to your weekend & festivals with floral organza suits: Floral organza suits are all the rage and will look absolutely stylish for your weekend getaways, family gatherings, and all other cozy events. 

In fact, organza suits with floral prints will also be ideal as festive wear and will help you get that perfect ‘gram’ shots’ for all your special occasions. You can go for an organza kurta with sharara or skirt to add that extra glam to your festive styling also. 

3. Organza Lehengas for special occasions

There’s no doubt that Organza is the most trending fabric choice amongst brides these days.

Delicate, elegant, and perfectly feminine, organza lehengas look absolutely ravishing on brides. For functions like Mehendi or Sangeet night, silk organza with handpainted floral prints and intricate detailing will look gorgeous.

On the other hand, brides are choosing more embellished and heavily embroidered organza lehengas for the D-day and rightly so!

However, even if you are not a bride or bride-to-be, you too can totally rock an organza lehenga for those special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, baby showers, and more.

Look for lightweight and more delicate organza lehengas with stunning choli designs to accentuate your overall look. 

How to care for your Organza ensembles?

Now that you know the three ethnic ways to style your organza fabrics, it is very crucial to understand its wash and storage care.

Why? Well, the delicate weave and the sheer of organza make gentle and careful care of the organza mandatory. However, it’s not difficult and is generally hassle-free if you stick to some basic guidelines.

  • Opt for dry cleaning of occasion wear organza: For organza sarees or lehengas, dry cleaning is apt to maintain the lustre for a longer time

  • Gentle hand wash for organza suits: While some organza suits can be hand washed, it is advisable to always read the wash care instructions attached to every garment. Even when hand washing casual organza dupattas for suits, use very mild liquid detergent to retain the texture.

  • Avoid direct sun drying: Direct sunlight can fade the colour and damage the lustre of the sheer. Drying it in an area of shade on a sunny day is ideal. Also, avoid tumble drying as it is a delicate fabric and might get torn or damaged if it gets trapped in the dryer. 

  • Use steamers to remove wrinkles: Do not use an iron or a steam iron but a garment steamer to eliminate any wrinkles from your organza.

  • Store it separately: Do not hang your organza ensembles with other clothes as t may get caught in any zippers, fasteners, or hooks, putting it at a greater risk of being torn and due to its sheerness, fixing it might not be possible. Instead, fold them and cover them in white/butter paper while storing.

  • Conclusion

    Go out and experiment with this beautiful and opulent-looking fabric and embrace the beauty of its slight sheer and voluminous flair. You can explore our wide range of organza dupatta suits in cotton on our website, here.