Flaunt Your Look to Rock Your Special Summer Soiree

A new season, new style but  summer is the tough season to dress. We need to be conscious while selecting an outfit for summer as it is sweltering heat and humidity. When you receive an invite for an event, occasion, party, or soiree in the summer, then consciousness about the outfit increases. 

It is challenging to find an appropriate outfit for summer soirees because you can’t go for the heavy embroidered attire or pick some dark  shades of colors. 

So, here are a few aspects you should consider while selecting an outfit for summer soirees

Tips for Summer Soiree Outfit Ideas: 

1. Go for light shades:

The darker the shade, the more heat it will absorb. So, in the summer season, while selecting the outfit for any occasion, party or soiree, you should always choose light shades of clothes.

2. Avoid tight clothing: 

The tight clothes in summer may increase the humidity and look very bad when it comes to absorbing sweat. To avoid such situations, you should always prefer loose clothing like loose palazzo pants, salwar, kurtas, or oversized tops.

3. Comfort of fabrics:

You should be very careful while choosing any fabric for the outfit during summer. The synthetic fabrics are not breathable as they lock the moisture and heat, which is very uncomfortable to carry in summers.

Thus, cotton, khadi, linen, and chiffon fabric keep you relaxed and comfortable during summer. When these fabrics get printed in different prints, embroidery, handwork, or Gotta Patti, then it's cherry on the top  and can give you a perfect look for your summer soiree.

4. Minimize accessories: 

Lots of heavy jewellery can stick to your skin and may cause rashes. Minimizing accessories can give a soothing and relaxing feel in summers.


Indian culture is the most cheerful one and has diversity. Thus, the soirees, events, and parties are very common. Summer soirees are more exciting to dress up, with the beautiful colors, prints, and style. With such options, you can't get stuck in thick or heavy clothes.

When you get invited to any Soiree or event, the very first question that arises in your mind is what to wear? You should have some Indian ethnic outfits, which you can mix and match, and have your look ready. So, let’s find out the types of summer soiree attire you must have in your wardrobe:

5. Sarees: 

In Indian culture, sarees are one of the most applauded attires. The sarees can be worn in formal and informal events, occasions, parties or soiree.

The fabrics like cotton, silk, and chiffon combine with beautiful Indian block  prints and handwork enhance your look and make it the elegant one. The versatility of the saree makes it a perfect outfit for summer soirees.

Chanderi saree

6. Suits and Ethnic sets:

Indian apparel have variety of outfit but, suits hold a special place. Suit sets are the most experimental, comfortable, stylish, and elegant attire.

The combination of different prints, styles, and fabric like Batik, Maheshwari silk, Kota Doria, Chanderi silk, Gota Patti is perfect for any summer soiree, party, or event.

Kurta combo set

Nowadays, various types of suits and ethnic sets are in trend like palazzo sets, ethnic skirt sets, churidar sets, and many more. If you talk about the formal event, soiree then cotton and silk suits are the one-stop destinations.

7. Skirts:

Skirts are in trends in both the culture Indian. These outfits have the scope of the experiment. The long ethnic maxi skirt with a solid Kurti or kurta with some ethnic jewellery can enhance your look.

It can be a perfect dress for any event. You can also get an ethnic look ready by pairing it with a nice blouse or a top for any event or soiree  during summer. 

Floor length skirt

8. Maxi Dresses and evening gowns: 

Although the concept of maxi dresses and evening gowns is part of western culture. Indian fashion culture has adopted it and enhanced it by moulding it into Indian styles. Thus, Maxi dresses and even gowns should be in your wardrobe for summer evening outfits.

Maxi dress

It is not enough to have the perfect clothes in your wardrobe but, to carry and flaunt them in an impressive manner is the key to rock any party. Everyone wants to look perfect and for that, you need to allow yourself to be experimental and follow a few tips to rock your special summer soirees:

9. Cool Whites:

Whites are the most soothing when you are out in the heat. White reflects the heat and keeps you relaxed and calm. A perfect white or light shade kurta, solid or floral print, paired with palazzo pants, types of denim, leggings, or jeggings and can enhance your look for any summer soiree.

White kurti

10. Indian Ethnic Touch:

When it comes to any soiree, party, event, the Indian ethnic outfits are unbeatable.

Indian ethnic wear gives a variety of outfits to make your summer soiree attire a perfect one. You can opt for a nice kurti or dress with minimal traditional jewellery or cotton, silk Indian printed sarees or kurtas  to get your elegant look.

Women kurta

11. Go for sleeveless or loose sleeves: 

In the summer season, you always need to have airflow within the outfit to keep you cool. In this condition consider sleeveless dresses or kurtis, puff sleeves, loose sleeves, or short sleeves to keep better airflow, these kinds of clothes look classy, stylish, and provide great comfort.

Stylish women dress

 12. Shades of Yellow and Saffron: 

Nowadays, the shades of yellow and saffron are very much popular and liked by women. These shades enhance your appearance, make you look bright and catchy. Shades of yellow and saffron are more suitable in the daytime. 


The attire does not have meaning until you live in it. Your outfit speaks about your personality, you can create your aura with the types of clothes you wear. Thus, you should not bound yourself in just a single type of attire. Every season is about fun and enjoyment, so is summer.

Thus, stop restricting yourself to experiment with outfits and enjoy every bit of it by mix and matching your outfits and create your signature style for a special summer soiree