Monsoon Style Tips: 4 Ways to Ace Your Ethnic Look

Oh, we know it is hot out there but keep calm because rains are approaching! Yes, the monsoon season is about to begin and we couldn’t be more excited because the season of rains also brings with it the joy of dressing up in bold colours, peppy prints, and so much more.

While we love monsoon clothing style a little too much, we also know it demands clever styling to stay dry and stainless as we go out carrying out our everyday activities. 

Here, we have for you the complete guide to acing the ethnic and indo-western monsoon fashion trends along with some easy-to-follow style and care tips.

Let us start with the best of Indian monsoon women’s fashion styles that you must own this season:

Monsoon Women's Fashion Styles-

1. Suits & Kurtis

No weather is unsuitable to wear suits and kurtis but you can certainly modify the kind of styles, fabrics, and silhouettes you want to wear in monsoons.

As the air is more humid, you would want to go with more lightweight and airy fabrics and cotton is undoubtedly the best choice as it doesn’t stick to your body, unlike any synthetic or poly fabrics.

Premium Mulmul Suit

As the weather is anything but dull and the colours of nature are in their full bloom mode, you would want to match your vibe. Go for those floral prints in some joyful colours.

Block print suit set

Try these beautiful cotton suit sets in vibrant hues and get them styled as per your preference.

Another thing to remember is to avoid long palazzo or flared pants and instead opt for ankle length tapered or straight pants so that you can go out without having to think about managing your bottoms from getting wet or stained due to rain puddles. 

Organza cotton suit

When choosing Kurtis, too, for monsoons, try to avoid the floor-length ones and opt for short or knee-length styles instead.

Buta print kurti

This kurti is perfect for the rains. It’s got colour, a beautiful buti pattern and an ideal length. You can also wear this with denims or culottes.

chinese collar kurti

So, if you are looking for long kurtis, this is the perfect size for monsoons as it is below the knees but not floor-length.

2. Monsoon Style Dresses

You can have such fun with your monsoon dresses. You can go for all sorts of bright and pastel colours. Of course, avoid white and bodycon dresses during the rains to avoid discomfort. 

Shirt collar dress

This abstract print midi from our dresses collection is all things fun. The collar neck makes it perfect for workwear as well as casual outings and those gathers on the side and back will give you a flattering look while keeping you comfortable all day long. 

3. Sarees

If you are someone who loves sarees as much as we do, you wouldn’t want to miss wearing it in any season. Mulmul cotton sarees are our absolutely go to for summers and monsoons. 

Printed cotton saree

This is a statement saree with a unique pattern and stunning colour that you would want to flaunt this season.

Polka dot saree

You can also go for abstract patterns and polka dot sarees like these to play with in summers. 

A pro hack that we swear by - wear the pallu like a scarf and tie a belt around the waist to ensure better functionality and hassle-free frolicking. 

4. Scarves

Elevate your monsoon styling with dainty scarves that you can wear with kurtis, tops, tunics, and dresses.

Block print scarf

If you are wearing any solid colours, adding a printed and colored scarf can just amp up your overall look. 

Striped scarf

Monsoon style tips

Apart from wardrobe styling, here are some monsoon-appropriate fashion and lifestyle tips and hacks to keep you looking stunning and of course dry.

1. Avoid the denims as they can get really clingy and hot due to the increased humidity. Instead go for high-waisted pants, culottes, ankle length straight-fit trousers.

2. Leather shoes and heels are a complete no-no during the rains. Anti-slip flip flops and sneakers are a must-have in your monsoon wardrobe. If it rains heavily in your area, investing in a pair of good rubber boots is a good idea.

3. Refrain from wearing silk as it is not only takes too much time to get dry but can also be ruined.

4. Like leather shoes, avoid leather handbags, too! Instead, you can go for waterproof plastic totes with full tight zippers. 

5. Your clothes might have that unpleasant musty smell in the monsoons. Add a spoon or two of vinegar with your detergent. Due to the increased humidity outside, after sun drying, dry out the clothes in a room with the fan on.

Another great way to keep that funky odour at bay from your closet is to keep a couple of silicon pouches or naphthalene balls in your cupboard. 


Monsoon has a really pleasant and cheerful vibe to it and your wardrobe should match its zeal. Be it dresses, kurtis, suits, or tops, try to experiment with different styles, cuts, colours, and silhouettes while sticking to a few basic monsoon guidelines. 

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