Hand made kota doria saree from shalvi fashion

Kota Doria saree, which has brought the name of Kota to the highest level in the country and world, is one of the most worn sarees. Today, sarees of Kota and Mysore have become the choice of women all over the world. This saree made from the confluence of Kota and Mysore is popular worldwide as Kota Doria and Mysore sarees. Weavers and artisans of Kathun town in Kota district also have this art mentioned abroad.

The confluence of Kota and Mysore

In the early period, the work of making Kota Doria sarees was mainly done in Mysore. For this reason, it was known as Masuriya Saree. But after some time, Mughal commander Rao Kishore Singh brought the famous sari weavers of Mysore to a place called Kaithun in Kota.


 Gradually, by the end of the 18th century, all these weavers established themselves in Kota. For this reason, their sarees made from the confluence of Mysore and Kota came to be known worldwide as Kota-Masuria. But even today, these sarees are known as Mysore in Kota and its surrounding areas. But outside of Kota, they are known as Kota Doria.

 They are known by various names due to their artistry, one of them is the magic of six yards of cotton and silk. They are known as Kota Doria, being built in Kota and made of different types of specialty doors.


 Features of Kota Doria Saree

• These sarees manufactured from warp-weft on handlooms have many features. For this reason, it remains a center of attraction worldwide.

• These sarees have a mixture of threads of silver, golden zari, silk, cotton, and cotton, etc. These threads are sourced from various famous places like Karnataka, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu, etc.  

• Kota Doria is especially demanded in places like Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai where people demand a particular type of clothing.

 • Due to the special shine of these sarees, it looks beautiful. Due to the artisans and craftsmen made in them, they are appreciated in the country and abroad.  

These saris are very soft due to the use of pure silk in them. It is comfortable to wear as well as being light. They are also used on a large scale for export. Sarees made of silver and golden work are available at a reasonable price.

Kota Doria looks very beautiful and attractive wearing a sari.  Some time ago many people started selling fake saris under the name of Kota Doria. But the government gave its separate patent to Kota Doria Sarees. Special financial assistance was also provided to various weavers. In this way, the importance of these sarees has increased even more today with the encouragement of the government.