Handpicked suits to gift your mom this mother’s day

Some special days come every year, and you can show all your love to your near and dear ones. Mother’s day is one such day when you can buy a Mother’s day gift for mom.

One of the best gifts that you can give is a dress. A salwar suit for a mother can bring a queen size smile on her face, and you can easily get one online and at the most affordable price. 

We are here to present you with some handpicked suits that you can give your mother on her special day as a token of love. Even if you are far away from your house, purchasing dresses as online mothers’ day gifts would be an easy job.

Handpicked suits for mother’s day 

1. Chanderi Silk Suit with Dupatta

The Kurta and Dupatta set is no doubt one of the best suits you can give your mother. This Shalvi collection suit is made of Chanderi Silk, and it is the perfect blend of elegance and comfort. The suit is soft, and it is not weighty.

The floral block print design on the suit gives it a balance, and a wearer can use it on a daily basis.

Chanderi Silk Suit

As per the care for the suits concerned, you need to dry clean it at regular intervals. For the longest of its lifetime it is best recommended to dry cleaning only.

Chanderi Suits with Dupatta

The complementary dupatta is made up of the jaal design, and it enhances the allure of the dress material.

As you give this suit to your mother, do not forget to purchase matching pants. Preferably, it can be mint green in colour as the dupatta is of the same colour.  

2. Maheshwari Silk Suit with Dupatta

As a suit can be one of the best gift ideas for Mother’s day, you can choose one that is Maheshwari Printed Silk and accompanies a Dupatta.

Outstanding softness and comfort are the best things you can expect from Maheshwari print. Moreover, it can make you look dressy. You can expect your mother to wear it both indoors and outdoors on a regular basis. 

Maheshwari Silk Suits

The hand block print makes the kurta suit unique. The floral print is present in the entire suit, and the wearer can choose it for wearing in case of occasions. 

Block print maheshwari silk suit

Taking the dupatta with the suit can give a formal look. However, the wearer needs to choose the accessories properly. To keep the design and colour of the suit intact, you can dry clean it periodically.

A quick wash with a mild detergent is suggested, but you should not bleach. Furthermore, you should apply an iron with mild heat. Keeping the suit away from direct sunlight and the excessive heat can enhance its durability. 

3. Ajrak Print Chanderi Silk Suit and Dupatta 

The Ajrak Print Chanderi Silk Suit with the combination of a similar dupatta can be the right choice for your mom if she likes elegant dresses.

Like most other kurta suits of the Shalvi collection, this item also comes with floral designs with hand block printing.

Ajrakh print suits

This item can be a luxury gift for your mother as the brocade fabric makes it shiny, and it contains a combination of white and red colours.

The dupatta made of Chanderi Silk makes this suit more attractive as it is entirely covered with rose Bootis. Moreover, it also contains floral borders on all edges. 

Washing and care for the suit are easy as regular washing., mild iron, and a few dry cleaning sessions can keep the suit intact for a long time. 

4. Elegant Gota Suit with Mulmul Dupatta

If you want to give a very special gift to your mother on this Mother’s day, a Gota patti suit with a mulmul dupatta can be the right choice. Gota is a type of embroidery that adds a touch of luxury to every dress material.

The block print technique of design is present in this suit. Along with the Dupatta, this dress can make your mom ready for attaining any wedding ceremony or family function. 

Block print gotta patti suit

Taking care of this suit is simple as it only needs dry cleaning. So, you can send it for a cleaning session after wearing it repeatedly.

Remember not to apply strong detergent to Gota suits as it might ruin the designs. In case of multiple usages, a thorough cold water wash is enough for the suit. 

5. Maheshwari Silk Suit with Designer Gold Print

Maheshwari silk is known for its durability and the level of comfort it provides to the wearer.

If your mother is in her early 40s, you can consider gifting her a Maheshwari Silk Suit with a gold print design as one of the unique Mother day gifts. On Shalvi, you can get an unstitched version of the site in a set. 

 Gold print maheshwari silk suit

All you need to do is take your mother to an excellent tailor and make her a suit. You can get the best prices while buying a Maheshwari Silk Suit.   

6. Pure Cotton Suit with Kota Doria Dupatta

A pure cotton suit can be a utility gift for your mother on this Mother’s day. These types of suits are best for regular wear, and they are easy-washable fabrics.

Block print cotton salwar suits

In most pure cotton suites available on Shalvi, you can get the block print design which carries proper details and outstanding durability.

Cotton suit with kota doria dupatta

This beautiful Kota Doria Dupatta comes with a cotton suit that adds more elegance to the dress material.

Final words

If you are planning to give a suit to your mother as a gift, visit our website and check out the amazing collection. Apart from suits, there are other ethnic dress materials also in a huge range.

The payment techniques are also easy and trustworthy. You can get the best prices as there might be exciting discounts on some products. Always go through the specifications and features of the dress materials before finally purchasing one. 

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